Bulldog Engage™
Javascript is disabled

Javascript is disabled

Please enable javascript before running the application. Instructions to enable Javascript for some of the more common browsers are below:
Internet Explorer:
  1. Go to Tools from the top menu
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click on the Security tab
  4. Click Custom Level
  5. Scroll down until you see the Scripting section
  6. Ensure that the Active Scripting option is set at Enable
  7. When the Warning! window asks Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone? click Yes
Mozilla Firefox
  1. Go to the Firefox menu
  2. Select Options
  3. Select the Content tab
  4. Check the Enable JavaScript checkbox
  5. Click OK to close the Options window
Google Chrome:
  1. Go to Chrome from the top menu
  2. Select Preferences...
  3. Click on Show advanced settings...
  4. Click on Content Settings...
  5. Ensure that the Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) option is selected
  6. Click OK
Apple Safari:
  1. Go to Safari from the top menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Security
  4. Ensure that the Enable JavaScript option is checked
  5. Click OK

Depending on your browser, the exact steps may differ slightly from above. Having said that, the above steps should point you in the right direction.

Other browsers?

Most (if not all browsers) give you the option to enable/disable JavaScript. If your browser is not listed above, the steps above will give you some idea of how to find it. Just look for something called tools, options, preferences or something similar.


Java and JavaScript are two different things - make sure you're enabling/disabling the right option!

After makeing javascript enable, please close the browser and start running application again!!!